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Monnit Services

There are a number of ways that Monnit can help you achieve your business goals.

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Lets keep things simple!

While we provide over 80 different types of unique wireless sensors,
we understand that our products may not meet your specific requirement.
Monnit provides product customization services to ensure our products will work for you.

Types of Product Customization:

  • Wireless Sensor Hardware
  • Monitoring Software
  • Wireless Sensor Behavior
  • Custom Enclosures
  • Custom Power Options

New Product Development

Custom Sensors & Gateways

Monnit can get you to market faster and more cost effectively. We offer custom wireless sensing hardware development to help your company meet its needs!

Development For:
  • Various RF Platforms
    (Proprietary, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and More)
  • Gateway Development
    (Cellular, Serial Modbus, TCP/IP and More)
  • New Sensor Types
  • Embedded IO
  • Battery Options
  • Antenna Options
  • Mechanical Customizations
  • Cellular Platform Development

Custom Software Development

Do you need different features or functionality in your sensor monitoring system. We offer custom software development to ensure your software system meets your company's needs!

Development For:
  • Creating New Sensors Profiles
  • Customizing Existing Online Software
  • Customizing Local PC Monitoring Application
  • Custom Sensor Data API's
  • User Interface Development
  • Database Management


Partner/Reseller Training Programs

We offer a quarterly on-site training session for our parters and resellers at the Monnit business office in Salt Lake City, UT. During this 12 hour training class, you will get a detailed overview of the Monnit wireless hardware and software system. Our team will take you through the backend of the system as well, showing how to manage portal access, subscriptions, sub accounts, web reports and much more. We will also take you through common support topics and give you the tools necessary to support your business or costumers.

Training is designed with the following goals in mind:
• Empower partners and resellers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to effectively use and support Monnit products and services.

Training Agenda - Day 1 (8 hours)
  • Introductions / Facility Tour
  • Monnit Introduction
  • Monnit Hardware and Software Overview
  • Monnit System Setup (Process from Customer View)

Training Agenda - Day 2 (4 hours & Activity)
  • iMonnit Software Backend for Partners
  • Monnit Partner Portal
  • Group Activity

Call for Information


Need help installing or setting up your Monnit wireless sensors or monitoring software?

The Monnit services team offers help when it comes to installing our sensor and monitoring systems. We can arrange for complete installation and/or consultation when installing and setting up a Monnit wireless sensor and remote monitoring system.

Installation Services For:
  • Large Businesses
  • iMonnit Enterprise Software
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Multi-Location Deployment
  • Industrial Systems
  • Modbus System Integration

Still have questions?

Its ok! We get it, and want to help.

Just give us a call and we would be happy to answer the questions that remain. We are sure that we can help.

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