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Water Detection Sensor Accessories

Use these Accessories to Stay High and Dry

Monnit’s water detection accessories are calibrated to Monnit’s Wireless and Power over Ethernet Sensors to provide the high-caliber remote monitoring you expect. Learn how these cost-effective replacements below either expand your sensor’s functionality or serve as back-up replacements.

Water Rope Extension

Daisychain up to 10 Water Rope Extensions to measure leaks or spills along paths, foundations, and more up to 100’. Optional extensions are ideal for expanding your existing water rope sensor’s reach into food prep areas, manufacturing and process industries, data centers, or high-traffic walkways.

Water Detect Wire End

Handy to have on hand, these wire ends are surface- and wall-mountable to detect levels (as well as general spills). Grafted on to the end of your existing Monnit Wireless Water Detection sensors, typical applications include basements/foundations, server rooms, commercial real estate, the process industry, and sanitation.

Select the proper accessory below to help stay up on leaky plumbing, spills, and more.